June 14, 2020

GravGrip is a hydraulic camera / phone stabilization gimbal much like DJI Osmo Mobile or Zhiyun Smooth-X but in form of pocket-size. It’s required no batteries nor trigger any electronic malfunction, it’s just plain mechanical. With its’ pocket-size you able to fit this gimbal in your pocket which unlike other that we have seen so far.

It uses a hydraulic mechanical system to counterweight the camera/ phone to give that smooth movement without having any electronic component and incorporating a larger balancing system of those Steadicam. Without having to rely on electronic component allow GravGrip to be waterproof.


gravgrip hero1

GravGrip’s weight-in 107g and it’s 75mm x 87mm, roughly the same size as a GoPro7. It also comes with a grip that can purchase as a bundle as the device itself doesn’t have a built-in grip.

GravGrip is also ideal for run and gun shoot where you need to get smooth footage but also need to be fast and compact enough to stored around you to get access to. What surprised me the most was that it was able to incorporate fine-tuning of how fast you want the rotation speed goes with ease by moving the weights up and down.

gravgrip weight

The set-up seems to be simple and intuitive with no hassle. GravGrip’s balance correction system is adjusted using hand force. As some cameras have an offset centre of gravity (I wonder the if the camera something mounted on them would that require more adjustment as in the weight needed), easily level the horizon with a quick change in position.

gravgrip balance

Movement wise it looks like it’s able to stabilise 360-degree movement, that is great when moving from a low shot to high shot and it gives more versatility of the shot that you can shoot.


Gravgrip is currently in production and I would be testing it once it out and will give my thoughts of it. Now the question is, will GravGrip able to hold the weight of some the compact camera like Sony ZV-1 or the Canon Powershot GX 7 Mark 3? And how smooth the footage will really be, more of a Steadicam style or gimbal-like style?

Cost: USD$35.00 – USD$130.00

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