June 14, 2020

GravGrip is a hydraulic camera / phone stabilization gimbal much like DJI Osmo Mobile or Zhiyun Smooth-X but in form of pocket-size. It’s required no batteries nor trigger any electronic malfunction, it’s just plain mechanical. With its’ pocket-size you able to fit this gimbal in your pocket which unlike other that we have seen so far. It uses a hydraulic mechanical system to counterweight the camera/ phone to give that…

Mortgage Hero Loan

June 6, 2020

Mortgage Hero is dedicated to bringing you maximum savings & smiles. As an Independent Mortgage Brokerage Loan Firm, they compare across all banks & financial institutions in Singapore in search of the best solutions and promotions for your financing needs, for free. Providing recommendation on the best options for leading interior design firms, outstanding property agents, mortgage loans & top law firms for conveyancing purposes.

UB+ E2

July 21, 2019

UB+ Eupho E2

UB+ E2 UB+ E2 (Eupho E2) is a sphere sophisticated bass reflex speaker that has the highest resonance efficiency at low frequencies that eliminates resonance and internal diffraction which is the problem for most loudspeaker. Due to its sphere design and flawless audio reproduction, sound staging and stereo imaging system, E2 able to produce epic stereo and 3D sound. Equipped with Qualcomm chip for reliable connectivity that supports all digital…

Grundstof Watch

May 5, 2019

grundstof watch

Grundstof Watch Inspired by the Bauhaus school movement design and with an ecological heart in mind comes Grundstof. A handcraft minimalist watch infuses with vibrant wood grain dial that makes no two watch ever the same. Each watch features unique wood grain texture from either black oak wood, walnut burl wood, olive burl wood or brown oak wood, Sporting a Ronda 1069 quartz movement, either rosegold or gunmetal grey 8.75mm…

The Brain Hacker Book

May 5, 2019

the brain hacker book

The Brain Hacker Book People tend to neglect their mind and instead work on their physical look with exercise and diet. Our mind too works similarly like our muscle, it gets better with more exercise. With The Brain Hacker Book, it will not just only exercise your mind using neuroscience implementation but also introduce brain food and lifestyle that will not only help exercise your mind but also make you…

Kopibag Mug

May 5, 2019

kopibag mug

Kopibag Mug Need somewhere to keep your coffee bag from your local drink stall? No need to look further, Kopibag Mug is here. With its unique form, is able to hold your local plastic drink bag. It is an ingenious way of holding the plastic bag on a desk or table, so it is ideal for office place or whether you need coffee on the go. Lightweight and spill-proof on…

Love In Pai

May 5, 2019

love in pai book

Love In Pai A book about a story of Kyo Kurosaki life journey riding across Southeast Asia that change his life and the dilemma that as the story unfolds. Love In Pai is all about his love toward his daughter, Phobe and his significant one, Far, and his ambition to make something out of it. The 2nd edition is still on the way, re-editing to be a masterful piece of…

The Classic

May 5, 2019

classic bike helmet

The Classic Grace for all motorcyclist, a motorcycle helmet bag that goes rustic and yet functional is here. Designed to be efficient by using the void space within the circumference of the helmet to create an easy and convenient inner pouch that can be accessed from a cleverly hidden area. This ease cyclist to store and withdraw their item without even opening up the wide frontal zip. Masterfully crafted, protective…

MC2 Chopper

May 5, 2019

mc choopper bike

MC2 Chopper MC2 Chopper is cyclist statement that cyclist wants to cycle in their leisure time. It is presented with a bold and yet ergonomic design that get cyclist wanting more out of it. Stimulating cyclist to be laid-back and experience cycling like there never been before therefore ideal for site-seeing and strolling in the park. Equipped with comfortable laid-back riding posture with noseless saddle and ergonomic back support and…


May 5, 2019

cicada tissue box

Cicada Cicada is a tissue box but it is not like your ordinary tissue box that top with a furry coat on top. It armed with a sound system that exaggerates the experience of plucking the tissue out the box. The idea behind it was to prevent user from taking more tissue than they actually need it. After the 4th pluck, instead of the sound production of the previous pluck,…