Card Generator

May 5, 2019

card generator power bank

Card Generator A portable power bank that generates its own energy. Uses a hand crank to generate its own electrical energy, you don’t have worry whether you ran out powers on your phone or other electronic devices anymore. The beauty of it, it can fit inside a pocket and integrate the cable and the USB-C adapter within the device so everything your essential modern supply needs in the palm of…

Mark Bifold

May 5, 2019

bifold wallet

Mark Bifold A minimalist wallet that addresses the dilemma of today of rising contactless cards. Our wallets are bound to have cards that RFID enabled that we use in our daily life that gets our way when stacking them with other RFID cards. What Mark Bifold does, is that they have 2 different compartments in which creates boundaries. In one side of the compartment is RFID protected while the another…